The Bible: TV Miniseries

Bible epicConsidering watching ‘The Bible’ miniseries starting on 9/NBN network tonight in Australia?

If so, here are some resources you may like to consider:

1. The Bible Society are encouraging Aussie Christians to get behind this series (see Greg Clarke’s encouragement to do so here ). They will post daily verses during this series, related to each week’s edition. You can sign up or see their preview of the series here.

2. If you want to think through some of the pros and cons of the series, one reviewer (Andy Naselli) offers his thoughts here with three potential good things about the series along with three concerns he has:

In summary, he says.
Potential good:
1. Some people think that the Bible is a boring old book filled with irrelevant or misguided rules. This series may spark an interest in the Bible that will compel them to actually read it.
2. Some people think that the Bible is a collection of unconnected or loosely connected short stories. This series may help people view the Bible as one big story with turning points: from creation to the fall to Noah to Abraham to the exodus to Israel and then climaxing with Jesus.
3. Some people are relatively unaware of what the world of the Bible was like culturally. This series may help people better understand what the political scenes were like or how people typically dressed or what various places may have looked like.
Reasons he became increasingly disappointed with it as the series progressed:
1. It does not consistently present God as great and good. (His wife says: I was left thinking, “Wow, these stories are really strange. I can’t believe people actually believe this.” It feels like Greek mythology or other weird religious stories. It does not ring true or make me worship God.)
2. It gratuitously displays graphic violence. (The Bible is a violent book, but it doesn’t glory in the gore like these films do. The graphic violence is relentless and gratuitous)
3. It repeatedly changes important details. (These sorts of changes may have only minor effects on people who watch this series and know little about the Bible. Ideally, this will compel people to read the Bible for themselves. But I suspect that it will mislead and confuse people regarding details.)

Overall it seems like it could be helpful to watch the first couple of episodes, see for yourself what you think, and pray that it might both stimulate your own thinking about God, and lead to helpful conversations with others.


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