Tim Keller on evangelism in the 21st century

Some excerpts (slightly paraphrased):
What is the relationship between word ministry and deed ministry?
Word ministry and deed ministry go hand in hand… integrating the two is very necessary but is not that easy to do.
How can we bring word and deed ministries together?
Word and deed ministry integrate best at the one-on-one level. If you are reaching out to a neighbour and trying  to talk to them about Christ… yet they have any kind of personal needs… just to be involved with those folks as a Christian friend means you’re going to be bringing word and deed ministries together.
How can evangelism through word ministry be approached?
Word ministry for lay people:
1. Let other people know you go to church. It’s a pretty simple thing, but it’s important, sometimes you say ‘I’m going to church’ to four people, and one of them later on asks you about it.
2. Let people know that you are a Christian and that it means something to you. It may be a passing comment, sharing something and saying “My Christian faith has really helped me here”. Just a passing comment…if your friend picks it up and says “Really, how?”, good. If she doesn’t,  fine, there are a lot of simple behaviours that lead in an organic way to more extensive, in-depth discussions. You should do the simplest behaviours first: loving people, caring for people, being a person of integrity, letting people know your Christian faith is there, and it will just bubble up naturally. Most of us feel if I’m going to do word ministry, then I need to find a way to get the whole gospel out in one conversation or get into a debate. That’s not the way to go, be simple.
How can we share the gospel with people living in cities?
 Cities are so diverse which means there is no one way to share the gospel. You have to learn how to share the gospel differently with different people. It’s the same gospel, there’s still the same gospel kernel: God, sin, Christ, your need to repent and believe. In cities you have to be more culturally sensitive, spend more time talking with people to understand their culture.
How do you approach contextualising the gospel?
Contextualising largely means different ordering of gospel truths. For example in Acts, with Greeks Paul starts with the doctrine of God, but with the Jews he goes to the Scriptures first and gets to Jesus more quickly. Eventually he has to get the whole counsel of God to a person, but the order and emphasis is the key to contextualisation.
(H/T:  L-T Hopper   )

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