Christians struggling with same-sex attraction

Jesus and the Bible view sex as a good gift from our wise and loving Creator, to be enjoyed within a committed, life-long relationship between husband and wife. (Matthew 19:3-6). Jesus also commends those who choose to live a single, celibate life for the sake of his kingdom. (Matthew 19:11-12). Christians can struggle with various forms of sexual immorality outside of God’s plan. For some, this struggle may be with unwanted same-sex attraction (USSA).  Such struggles may involve a complex mixture of influences, including physical, developmental and environmental. While these influences are real,  Jesus says our underlying problem is spiritual – our hearts (Matthew 15:18-20). Some have the perception that all who experience same-sex attraction do not want change. Yet many do want change, many are experiencing change by God’s grace, and many are persevering in what can feel a lonely and difficult struggle to live Biblically. No one can be forced to change, but those who choose change or desire to live Biblically should be supported, encouraged and respected. Below are some resources for those struggling with USSA, or Christians seeking to support them:

Testimonies of Christians sharing their struggles with USSA:
A battle I face (Vaughan Roberts shares his struggle with SSA)
My true identity (Richard Holloman shares how he found his identity in Christ).
Coming Out and Finding Freedom  (Haydn Sennitt shares his story)
Gay Conversion: I Slept With Over 200 Men, Now I’m a Happily Married Heterosexual Dad (James Parker shares his story)
Christopher Keane’s story (free pdf sample from ‘What some of you were’)
Jesus Christ saved me from 27 years of homosexuality (Vimeo)
We are all waiting for the day  (final paragraphs of a testimony)
The hound of heaven: Christopher Yuan’s-testimony (You tube clip).
Ideas for churches to better help those with same-sex attraction
5 Things churches can do to help those who struggle with SSA (Sam Alberry) 
Homosexuality in the church (How can we in the church be a helpful part of the process of change for the many Christians who struggle in this area?)
Sharing the gospel in the gay village (one church’s attempts).
A different kind of coming out (Three evangelical church leaders share about their struggle with SSA)
Homosexuality and the gospel (excerpts from Talk by Al Mohler)
Answers to emails on the Bible and homosexuality  (Robert Gagnon)
Books & DVDs:
Is God anti-gay? (Sam Alberry)
Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for women who struggle with SSA (Anne Paulk)
What some of you were: stories about Christians and homosexuality
Book review: Desires in conflict
Battles Christians Face DVD (includes an interview where two men share of their struggle with USSA).
Christian support ministries for people struggling with USSA:
Liberty Christian Ministries  (Sydney, Australia.)
True freedom trust (UK)
Love in action (USA)
Restored Hope Network (USA)
Homosexual “Marriage”: a tragic oxymoron -Biblical and cultural reflections (Al Mohler)
The other dark exchange: homosexuality-part-1 (John Piper, Romans 1:24-28)
The other dark exchange: homosexuality-part-2 (John Piper, Romans 1:24-28)
Matt Chandler seminar on homosexuality (Video and audio)

5 responses to “Christians struggling with same-sex attraction

  1. Thanks for linking my testimony and book review to your site. I actually work for a ministry to people with USSA ( If you need to contact me for support or to meet up and chat or anything, I’m there for you. I’m planning to run a support for strugglers in the coming weeks/ months, so if you’re interested, you can contact me through Liberty. Blessings. Haydn.

    • Thanks for sharing this link Haydn, I was encouraged and helped by reading your testimony and your website. I thank God for his grace so evident in your life, and pray you may continue to know his love and grace as you live for him.

  2. You might want to delete that link to my testimony. It links to the Liberty site, but I no longer work for Liberty and my testimony is not on that page. Also, the Homosexual Dad link should more aptly be titled ‘Former Homosexual Dad’ because he’s not gay any more 😀 Blessings, Haydn.

    • Thanks Haydn, I appreciate that – does your testimony now appear on another page that I can link too?
      Not sure what reference to ‘Homosexual Dad’ you are referring to, I can’t see one. Is it possible you misread the reference to ‘Heterosexual Dad’?
      Thanks again for your commment. Great to hear from you. Hope you are well.

  3. Sorry it was my mistake about the ‘Homosexual Dad’ article: I mis-read the name 😀 I don’t have any testimony of mine online any more.

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