Trusting God in suffering

How can a good and powerful God allow suffering? What hope and comfort is there for humans as we go through suffering? At some point for all of us, suffering becomes a real, practical concern. Though everyone’s experience is unique, there will be things in common with others who have suffered. Most of all, Christians can look to Jesus Christ who “suffered for you” (1 Peter 2:21). Below are some resources including Biblical reflections and experiences of people trusting God in various hardships. One or more may be of help to you, or others close to you as you face suffering:

Biblical reflections on suffering:
Online Resources:
Songs that bring comfort and hope in suffering (Songs about trusting God in hardship)
How can God allow suffering and evil in the world? (A short and longer video by Don Carson )
Suffering: If God is good why is there so much evil in the world?  (Some resources and free talks from Tim Keller related to suffering)
If there is a God, why does he allow suffering? (Short video response and further articles from Christianity Explored)
God’s purposes in our troubles (JI Packer, quotes from Knowing God)
When counting your blessings doesn’t help the pain 
Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (Free pdf – Piper and Taylor eds)
Why God doesn’t fully explain pain (John Piper)
Why Joni Eareckson Tada wants to bring her wheelchair to heaven
Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (Edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor) 
Trusting God even when life hurts  (Jerry Bridges)
If I were God I’d end all the pain (John Dickson, Matthias Media).
A Grace Disguised: How the soul grows through loss (Jerry Sittser).
Hearing Jesus speak into your sorrow  (Nancy Guthrie).
Resources relating to specific suffering:
Death of a child, stillbirth and miscarriage (Various resources and stories of Christians who have experienced one or more of these)
The Bible and the pain of infertility (Various resources and experiences)
A young mans testimony to suffering and the sovereignty of God (Joe Eaton who lives with the permanently disabling condition of spina bifida, reflects on disability, suffering and God’s sovereignty).
Grief, suffering and hope (Video clips: Zac Smith shares some of the good things he learned in his battle with cancer, and his widow shares some of the hope she has in her grief)
Fearful of the process of dying (In a 3-minute video counsellor Alistair Groves considers this issue and shares how his own father faced death).
Facing death with hope: Living  for what lasts (David Powlison article)
Grief, hope, forgiveness (Video: a pastor and his wife share something of their hope in the midst of grief following the tragic murder of their teenage daughter).
Suffering grace hope (Links to various resources related to disability)
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