Suffering: If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world? Tim Keller

The problem of tragedy, suffering, and injustice is a problem for everyone. It is at least as big a problem for nonbelief in God as for belief. It is therefore a mistake, though an understandable one, to think that if you abandon belief in God it somehow makes the problem of evil easier to handle. (Tim Keller –  The Reason for God )

Below are links to some free talks by Tim Keller you can download or listen to online related to suffering and evil:

1)  Suffering: If God  is good why is there so much evil in the world? In the midst of evil and suffering, abandoning your faith will neither help you handle suffering nor understand God. By looking back to Jesus’ death on the cross and looking ahead to the hope of a new heavens and new earth, we can understand God’s overwhelming love for us and the promise that victory will swallow up evil and death.

2) Born into hope We need a living hope to get through life and endure suffering.  A living hope enables us to have both sorrow and joy.  Our living hope is an inheritance achieved for us by Christ.

3) Truth, tears, anger and grace A recording of the Sunday service after 9/11.  Jesus experiences both anger and grief in the face of human suffering. But he also brings about a resurrection; according to the Bible, everything bad will come untrue.  Jesus is the perfect Counselor who gives us grace even when he has to suffer for us.

4) Cross: the way to endurance No one knows better than Jesus that life is full of suffering.  What does it mean to rejoice in our sufferings, or even grow from them? There is only one thing on which you can build your life and not be shaken – your love for him and his love for you.


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