Praying through the day

I’ve been finding this practical strategy suggested by Joe Thorn very helpful.

He writes: Would you say that prayer has been an ongoing and critical part of your day? The reality is many Christians maintain a very narrow prayer life that is either confined to morning devotions, a word of thanksgiving at dinner, or the occasional “Lord, help me!” prayer of the moment. All of these are good, and should be a part of our prayer life, but the idea of maintaining a posture and practice of praying throughout the day is beyond most of our expectations. We know that Paul calls the church to pray without ceasing, but we quickly remind ourselves that he obviously doesn’t want us on our knees in a prayer closet all day. And just like that we give ourselves a pass on the exhortation and leave it behind. But there it is. “Pray without ceasing.” Those words mean more than an encouragement to persevere in prayer. Wrapped up in the command is the expectation that we will be a people whose lives are characterized by prayer….Most of us want to pray more: deeply, frequently, and effectively, but are at a loss as to how to pull it off, and we have learned along the way that simply trying harder does not grant success…

Read more of Joe’s practical strategy  here Or download his plan here (He also has links to the Valley of Vision book , but for Australian or UK readers, the best price is probably here ).


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