What would God say to the leader of our nation?

What would God say to the new Australian Prime Minister after our upcoming elections? Rather than speculating what he might say, we can look to the Bible to see what he does say. Among many things God says are those mentioned in this talk, given by PJ Smyth of GodFirst Church in Johannesburg recently. Entitled “What Would God Say to the President of South Africa”, it was preached with South African President Jacob Zuma in attendance.  If you’d like to see the notes, you can read them here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here are his three main points:  

1. I have made you the President of South Africa
2. Anticipate submissive and prayerful followership by Christ-following South Africans
3. In view of me appointing you, lead confidently and humbly  

An excerpt from the third point:  

So lead confidently in the assurance that you are God’s appointment, but also lead…Humbly, because within this epic encouragement lies a sobering truth: You are God’s servant (Romans 13:4), and as such the day will come that God will relieve you of your responsibilities and give them to another, and the day will come when you will need to give an account to God for how you have led.  

(HT: The Resurgence)  



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