Has science buried God?

In this short video, baptist pastor and former engineer, Dr Andy Davis explains how he would respond when people claim that science has buried God:

The clip below is an excerpt from an exchange in 1998 where Dr William Lane Craig responds to a claim by Dr Peter Atkins that science can account for everything:


2 responses to “Has science buried God?

  1. God is not dead, let alone buried
    – ‘he’ has simply never existed.

    (Just sayin’)

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. Based on these statistics from the CIA world fact book website, the majority of people on our planet seem to disagree with you and sense there is Someone worth praying to:
      Christians 33.32% , Muslims 21.01%, Hindus 13.26%, Buddhists 5.84%, Sikhs 0.35%, Jews 0.23%, Baha’is 0.12%, other religions 11.78%, non-religious 11.77%, atheists 2.32% (2007 est.)
      Is it possible your life has more meaning than you’ve yet realised?

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