I can forgive others because I’ve been forgiven

Recently I was speaking with someone about forgiveness. They were saying how hard they were finding it to try to forgive someone who had treated them terribly. Human relationships can be messy and complex. The pain from hurt others have caused you can be extreme. Is true forgiveness and reconciliation ever possible? In the clips below, Craig Conrad shares the story of his struggle to forgive his father who had treated him terribly, and shows how forgiveness and reconciliation are possible by God’s grace.

Forgiveness is not easy, it can be an extremely difficult process, yet it is possible by God’s grace. The hurt that others cause us, can help us better grasp the way we have treated God. As we begin to realise the way we’ve ignored God and lived for ourselves, despite all he’s given us, we can see that our greatest need is to be forgiven by him. Having our eyes open to the forgiveness he offers us through his Son Jesus, gives us power to work towards forgiving those who have hurt us.


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