The Nativity Story

I recently watched ‘The Nativity Story’ movie for the first time. It does not perfectly follow the Bible, but in many areas it is fairly close. It can be helpful  to watch a movie like this after reading the relevant Biblical passages (in this case Matthew 1:18-2:18 and Luke 1:1-2:20) and consider what things they got right and what they added.

For example in this movie, the birth of Jesus, shepherds visit, Magi’s visit, Herod’s ruthless baby killings, and the flight to Egypt all appear to take place on the one night, whereas in the Bible they are more spread out.  I also found the appearance of the angels to the shepherds to be unspectacular compared to Luke 2:8-14, with the emotions of terror then joy felt by the shepherds not as clear as they are in the Bible.

However, there was a clear emphasis on the reality of the virgin birth. The movie also hightlights the expectation of a Messiah around the time of Jesus birth. I was encouraged in considering some of the difficulties Mary and Joseph faced as they trusted God’s word to them. The movie encouraged me to think further about the Bible’s account and be thankful for the amazing and life changing event Jesus birth was in the history of our world.


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