Australians and Christmas

Here’s an interesting excerpt from a recent media release from the Centre for Public Christianity: 

A national …survey of…Australians of mixed beliefs has found that 91% are supportive of religious songs in public at Christmas time, with only 1.7% strongly opposed to it. 

Only 3% of Australians think that Australia would be better off without Christianity and 63% of us think we would be worse off without it.

Dr Greg Clarke, Director of CPX, said, “This is the opposite view to that of a New Atheist such as Christopher Hitchens, who claims that religion poisons everything. When it comes to the Christian faith, the Australian public doesn’t buy that.”

Australians seem to have a very high regard for Jesus, even when they are not Christians themselves. Half (49%) of all Australians think Jesus was the most important figure in history  and 72% think he was “a good influence on the world”. But even among non-Christians, 22% consider Jesus to be history’s most important figure and 32% of non-Christians consider him to be the “Son of God”. [Only] 6% of Australians think Jesus was not a real historical figure.

For more discussion on this survey click here 




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